Saturday, April 18, 2009

"e"'s book

as we sat around this afternoon, "walking matt home", "e" wrote her first book. she drew each of these pages carefully, making sure to draw the family in the exact outfits that they were in for their family photo last week. she then dictated to "r" word for word what she wanted the book to say. next, she took some tape, and bound it. she made it for matt to take with him, after Jesus takes him home.

in case you can't see the words well:
"matty matt, i hope you have a fun time in heaven."
"this is our family. i hope that you remember me and "j"."
"matty matt. i hope you remember how i used to hold you and feed you."
"i will be praying for you while you are in heaven."
"at christmas, i will remember you."

she is such an old soul. she talked and talked to matt this afternoon, just telling him to have fun in heaven, that she loves him, that his cheeks are so cute, etc. her innocence and her honesty continue to remind us that matt is going to a better place. matt will live with Jesus very very soon. and that's GOOD! it's GOOD! yes, we'll miss him. so very much. but he will be with our Savior, our Creator, our God. forever. and if we know Jesus, then we get to see him again. and "e" gets that. and it's such a good reminder to me. amazing what i can learn from a five year old.


  1. Beautiful, innocent, and true. God Bless Matt and those who have loved him during his time on Earth. Thank you for sharing his life with us all.

  2. Praying Mercy for Matt and peace and comfort for those he leaves behind very soon.

    "e" is a very special girl.

  3. Wow. What a testament. She is precious.

  4. There is nothing like the innocence of children to bring us to our knees. E is such a special girl. Praying for all of you today and for Matt as he waits for Jesus to lift him up.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  5. The strength and transparency of parents seen vividly in the hands of their children. I pray for courage for each of you, as you help your children understand the blessing of Jesus, and as you come to terms with it at gut level yourselves.

  6. We have been thinkng about you all weekend. Scott and I were talking about how it is so hard to fully grasp what an amazing servant Matt has been. God sent him for a purpose and we believe he has far exceeded any expectaions our Maker had for him. He has touched so many and taught them about his Saviour. Amazing. Amazing baby. Amazing family.

  7. So sweet. You all have been so wonderful and amazing throughout the sweet time you've had to love and care for baby Matt. I know it's so very hard and am praying for you hearts and memories during this time of intense bitter sweet.

  8. Precious, innocent and truly raw words of a child~closely pure as God, Himself~as it gets. "E" is special, gifted, an earth Angel~and yes, an old soul. Treasure this book~thank you so much for sharing.

  9. wow what a testimony to God's grace!