Tuesday, January 27, 2009

babysitting baby matt!

liam and i (alyssa) were blessed yesterday to watch matt for a few hours! liam had a ball singing to him and feeding him. he played his kazoo to him and sang him the "whole world in His hands" song..and even told him about his baby sister, sydney, who was already in heaven waiting for him to play...it was a sweet time for liam. and a precious time for me to watch him help take care of his baby matt friend....


  1. i know we talked about how to tell liam about matt...what an awesome thought....perhaps comforting for liam and easy to accept that God created matt to be with sydney in heaven....love these pictures. he will make a loving big brother! :)

  2. and i selfishly ask for prayers for liam. his little heart will break again and i pray that God will protect him from too much sadness as he lets go of another little baby that he has grown to love. i ask for God to bless liam with a child-like understanding of Matt's purpose. i also ask for prayers that some day Liam will have a little brother or sister that will grow up loving and antagonizing him and who will be his best friend when they are adults.