Tuesday, January 27, 2009

matt meets his birth mom- 2 weeks old

tonight, matty matt met his birth mom for the first and only time. (sidenote, this beautiful girl in the picture below is "r", not his birthmom, i will wait to post those until i know its ok to do so). she is 15, so young, really sweet, very pretty, matt looks just like her. i feel a bit speechless after observing the whole thing. matt was so comfortable in her arms, we think he recognized her voice. he looked so handsome to meet her and he was such a good baby. i love how he puts his little hands by his face, but this is also a symptom of his joints freezing, so its hard for him to straighten his little arms.

"r"got a final word on the MRI from a pediatric neurologist and his diagnosis is worse than they even thought. "markedly abnormal brain" i believe are the words they used. he is starting to show more and more signs of his illness, such as little seizures, and not eating very well. "r" and "s" have to feed him an ounce every hour because if they feed him more, he spits it up. he is still as sweet as he can be, even his cries are precious. and all the kids are still head over heels for him. lift up "r" and "s" this week, as they are tired, as any new parents would be. isn't "r" beautiful? she is savoring this little guy and tonight she had the chance to tell his birth mom how much love and care baby matt is getting. oh and please pray for his birthmom, "t". she needs Jesus. and we are praying that through this all, she will come to Him and understand how much He loves her. she is precious and needs our Lord just like we all do.


  1. It breaks my heart - all of it. What a sweet baby, and such precious documentation, Amy!

  2. WOW! I bet that was so special being there! Sending prayers with everyone in involved in this.....:)