Friday, February 6, 2009

matty matt- 3 and a half weeks

we took matty matt to the zoo today and really had a great time. me, my two kids, a friend and her twins AND newborn, and "r" with "e, j" and matt. it was mayhem, but super fun mayhem! everyone was well behaved, it was great. i will post more from the zoo later, but i wanted to post some of matt, because people, i am not kidding. this kid gets cuter every day. i think he really liked the zoo....


  1. what a gorgeous little boy you have! i am so happy to hear that you guys had a blast @ the zoo! go matty!

  2. aw, i am sorry we missed the outing with you guys...but i am so glad you guys had a special time at the zoo together. give him a kiss for us!

  3. He's so cute! Still praying, I even made a link on my blog for you!
    Tonya in Washington state

  4. Matthew is completely and utterly adorable! I'm so glad you took him out with the kids!

    I'm continuing to pray....