Thursday, February 5, 2009


i wanted to thank you all for going on this roller coaster with us. nothing is for sure, or determined, or whatever medical term you'd like to insert. but things don't look good. matt is back home, i snugged him for a moment earlier (he's super snuggly). i personally don't understand anything but that God is sovereign. and He is sovereign over this. He even must be sovereign over the fact that someone mentioned hope and then it all seemed to fall apart. why would that happen? how could it happen that we are in a place of contentment, sad, but understanding that there is no hope for matt's little life to be extended, to jumping for joy that there is a CHANCE that he could be healed, and then back to square one. back the original diagnosis. hydroencephaly, life span, less than 12 months. and this is where God provides His peace, and He has. but i am not even his mommy and my emotions feel like conditioning week in high school sports. spent. all done. in pain. please keep praying for "r and s" and their emotions. their faith has not wavered in any of this, and it is such a testimony to me and all who know them. thank you to all of you who check in on him and pray for him. we will continue to do what we were doing, following his life, documenting and posting all the new experiences he has as he is loved endlessly.


  1. One thing I have learned...only God knows the future. He sees the beginnings and the ends of each of us. The doctors don't *know* how long Matthew will live, or what he will be like as he lives. They do their very best with their limited human understanding, and sometimes they're right, but sometimes they're wrong.

    I will continue to hold precious Matthew and his loving caretakers up in prayer every day.

  2. no we sure don't know why He allows things but we do know that He wouldn't allow them if He couldn't bring something greater from it. i cling to that! God is bringing great things through matt's life - that is already evident. praying for...oh i don't even know...just praying.

  3. I'm going to agree with the previous poster. Only God knows His plan for Matt's precious life. Doctors can't accurately predict what will happen because they do not take into account God's great presence and power in our lives. He is always with us and in control. I've seen miracles happen, only God does that. We will continue to pray.

  4. you are all in our prayers. What a blessing you are to Matt and his birthmom. You are in my prayers as I can only imagine all you are doing for this little boy! You are a true testament to GOD!! Thank you so much for doing this for this little boy..God Bless you and your family....I will continue to follow your story..your life..
    And praying the whole time!!
    God Bless...

  5. I have been and will continue to pray for sweet Matts' little life. I believe with all my heart that God's plan is being worked out right now, moment by moment since his birth. "R" and "S" are providing the love that he needs to feel his value in life. We don't know what God has planned for Matt, but God has placed him in the most loving environment of care and safety. I pray for Gods strength to lead this family while keeping their hearts protected. A fine balance, but God is able. Trusting Him for Matts days.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  6. thank you for keeping us updated! poor little matt and "r&s". i feel terrible. however, god is going to shine on each life that surrounds this little feller! keep up the fight lil matt. continued prayers and thoughts in Katy TX

  7. Praying for sweet Matt and those that love and care for him. May you feel Peace in knowing that regardless of what doctors say or don't say Matt like each of us has his days numbered in the book of life and God is watching over him.
    Hugs and Prayers
    Rachel in PA