Wednesday, February 4, 2009

update on matt's tests...

UPDATE******matt is done with his tests. he was alert and taking a full bottle and ready for a nap when i talked to "r"..they can take him home very soon..he is doing ok. just waiting now...lots of waiting.

the latest on matt is this...

matt will be sedated at 1pm today for a cat scan. the doctors won't know until tomorrow or the next day what the final decision will be. they are looking for a thin layer of cortex in his brain. if they cannot find this thin layer of cortex there, they will not be able to do the procedure.

please continue to be in prayer for matt, for comfort and ease of pain and for protection during the tests.

pray for "r" and "s" for peace of mind and comfort as they give matt over to the doctor's care and wisdom and for patience as they wait it out over the next few hours and days for the results...pray for a peace and calm that surpasses ALL and any understanding...

pray for the doctor's wisdom, discernment and care over matt. pray that if it's God's will for matt to be healed that the thin layer of cortex will be seen without a doubt...clearly shown to the doctor's eye so that a proper decision can be made for matt's without any hesitation.

will be updating with more news as we hear it!

bless you, sweet little matty matt! be a strong brave boy today. God's loving hands are on you, sweet boy! hundreds are praying for you and bathing you and your family in prayer and love....


  1. thank you for the update! i am praying w/out ceasing! i pray the cortex will be seen and peace and comforting for R & S!!

  2. Been wondering, thanks for the updates. Praying, praying, praying!

  3. I am praying hard for little Matt! Please keep us posted!

  4. Thanks for sharing all that's going on with little Matt! God is great and greatly to be praised and may He bring Glory to himself through your son's journey. We are praying for wisdom for the doctors and strength and His everlasting assurance to your family!
    Alwyn and Christy

  5. Thanks for posting the update girls!!!!! I keep checking and checking :)

  6. Matt's USAFA crew has been and will be praying for everyone involved and especially for Matt. We get to see and hear about miracles every day here, and I for one have no doubt whatsoever that God is faithful to answer the prayers of those who pray in faith. I can't wait to witness another one.

  7. Everyday, we are constantly reminded that God is in control. We KNOW that miracles happen because we see them everyday in our son. We are praying for Matt and his entire "family" (blood related and not).