Wednesday, February 11, 2009

still here

we're still here! this week has been busy and we haven't posted much. i intend on putting a little video of matt up soon so you all can see how cute he is in real life. :) please pray for his continued comfort. his head is growing at a fast rate, and it can be painful to him. pray for "r" to know when he is pain versus when he is just tired, or maybe hungry, so that she can help him manage it.

as always, "r" and "s" appreciate your prayers more than you could ever know.


  1. Still praying for Matt and all who love him.

    Regarding the head growth...if due to hydrocephalus, do the doctors plan to help relieve the pressure? There are different options to remove excess fluid.

  2. The growth is due to increased pressure from the CSF. The neurosurgeons are relcutant to put a shunt in a kid with a terminal diagnosis and thus far have recommended against it.