Monday, February 16, 2009

purpose from another blog

This is a post from a friend's blog. I was encouraged by the content, and I hope you will be too. "r"

new creation. (Thursday, February 12, 2009)

I pray the same prayer for my unborn son...the same that I have for all my children...and for this one especially a lot lately. My biggest desire for my children. The one thing I won't let go of. The one battle I will gladly fight for on my knees until I see the answer. And after you've prayed it for so long, it still surprises you, delights you, and overwhelms you when it happens. And the angels sing.

We were praying for baby Matt this evening, and I explained to my girls how he was born, what we should pray for him, and of his beautiful story. And then went on to explain that even if he does die, that he will go to heaven to be with Jesus. And how beautiful that was especially for his family...knowing they will still get to see him someday in heaven. We talked of seeing grandparents in heaven someday, meeting the brother or sister that we miscarried last year, our hope in Christ. And then my little A asked if her big sister had said the special prayer before. She knows all about how to come to know the Lord, and has asked many questions over the past couple of years. But we have left it up to her to tell us if/when she is ready. It would have been easy for me to push this issue with prompt her more than I should. To ensure that my own heart could rest easy of her salvation. But I haven't.

And then she said it. "I want to now." I almost didn't realize what she was talking about. For months and months we talk about these things as they come up, and she has never said anything about wanting to say that special prayer. But tonight, she wanted me to go to the other room and pray with her.

So if you did hear the angels singing a little louder than usual tonight, it's because my second baby asked Jesus into her heart. All those prayers. All the times I even worried it may not happen. And He knew. He knew the day, the moment, the after dark hour when snuggled atop her bunk bed, clad in mismatched pajamas, that my little one would make her decision. And He answered my prayer. That He would explain to her heart what I could not fully. That He would call her by name. That He would reach her and bring her to Himself. He is so faithful. It's so amazing how many times I fail to trust Him. How foolish I can be. Especially when over and over again He continues to show me His faithfulness, His completeness, and His perfect love.

It's funny, the other day, I was thinking about baby Matt. And I knew completely in my heart that his being on this earth has a purpose. Even if it is only for a short time. And then my human heart wondered on it's though? How could his little young life be used for God's glory? Only God knows for sure, but tonight his story prompted the conversation that led to my little one's salvation. May all glory belong to Him, my God and Father. Blessings everyone. :)


  1. Praise God that I have a new sister-in-Christ. I am a little bummed that it is because of baby Matt, but I am reminded of my favorite Bible Verse:
    "but this has happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."

    As Matt's parents you should be honored that because of Matt's and his struggles, we have a new sister-in-Christ.

    Once again, praise God for what has happened and I will continue to pray for Matt.

  2. I have been following your blog from the first time I saw the link on Lyss's page, but I don't think I have come back and reread a post as much as I have this one. It is a sad joy but a most precious feeling to see how Matt is already impacting those around him for Christ. You are in our thoughts and prayers... (((((hugs))))) to Matt.